For Those Who Can’t Afford Power Outages …is Hydrogen the Answer?

M-Field hydrogen fuel cell

is one of the simplest elements in the universe. It is also one of the most abundant, especially since it can be found in enormous quantities in water (H2O), in hydrocarbons such as methane (CH 4), and in other organic matters. is also high in energy and is a potentially emissions-free alternative fuel that can be produced from domestic resources. In fact, NASA has used liquid since the 1970s to propel its space shuttles and rockets into the sky. In addition, fuel cells power the shuttle’s electrical systems, which produce pure water for the astronauts to drink.

Generally speaking, hydrogen is considered an alternative fuel and is widely believed to be the best choice when it comes to fuel cells. Although fuel cells are often compared to batteries, the main difference is that a fuel cell will produce electricity as long as it is supplied with a fuel, such as hydrogen. Also, unlike batteries, fuel cells never run out.

M-FIELD has become well-known for its industry-leading expertise in a wide range of applications, including hydrogen fuel cell installation for electrical power plants and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems as well as hydrogen generators for fueling stations.

M-FIELD has dedicated individual teams in charge of designing, manufacturing, building, and installing hydrogen systems. These Taiwanese-based teams have been widely praised for their accountability, customer-orientation, teamwork, and price-competitiveness. They also understand that hydrogen fuel cells are still a foreign concept for many people. As a result, they are dedicated to changing the way the world thinks about energy by sharing their knowledge and by demonstrating their practical experience out in the field.

M-FIELD’s systems are especially suited for critical backup power applications, such as data centers and telecommunication stations, where power breakdowns can be disastrous and extremely costly. M-FIELD offers various modules, including fuel cell, controller, and electrolyzer modules, all of which can be integrated with its energy storage system. Some M-FIELD product highlights include:

  • Flexibility: the system can provide stable power during default time.
  • Environment adaptability: the system can be adapted to environments ranging from -40 degrees C to 50 degrees C and can be installed almost anywhere.
  • High reliability: the system generates continuous power for extended periods of time and requires little maintenance.
  • Smart monitoring: The system is equipped with Ethernet data collection. Remote monitoring/management are possible.
  • Zero pollution: only water is emitted.

About M-FIELD:
In response to the rapid depletion of fossil fuel and the growing impact of climate change, M-FIELD has devoted itself to delivering the most cutting-edge fuel cell solutions through advanced hydrogen technology. M-FIELD promises to provide future generations with a greener, more sustainable life.



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