A Solar Panel Family Car Makes the Drive From LA to San Franscisco

A Solar Panel Family Car

( Solar Thermal Magazine).- In September of this year ( 2014) A unique looking, solar-powered family car completed its drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco fueled only by the sun.

According to the designers, this lightweight, wedge-shaped automobile is capable of traveling 500 miles (800km) on a single charge. Off course it can travel forever if the sunshine holds out. This fossil fuel fighting family car can easily get a ticket on a US road with a top speed of 80 mph.

Lex Hoefsloot, manager of Solar Team Eindhoven commented on the drive.

It was great to see all the people looking at us; hurrying to get their smartphones out to get pictures while we were driving.

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  • Bruce Miller says:

    Gasoline/diesel “range mythology” just about behind us! Much better electric storage systems coming down the pipes as this becomes a ‘Holy Grail’ of international science.

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