Going Electric with Riding Lawn Mowers. Zero Emissions

Riding Lawn Mowers ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – Much like cars and motorcycles, riding lawn mowers are quietly going through a revolution in design and innovation moving from the tried and true gasoline engine to the cutting edge electric drive. Husqvarna is one of the companies on the cutting edge of this innovation. Introducing theĀ  – Electric Ride-on Lawnmower

This is Husqvarna’s first battery powered ride-on mower. With no emissions, low noise and up to 90 minutes run-time (depending on lawn conditions) this is a pretty interesting cleantech mower.

This video goes through some of the key design features and benefits as presented by the company.

Enjoy the video.

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  • susan says:

    those front wheels are too little—they will not move easily over bumps (my lawn has many crawdads.

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