Bold Statements From IKEA Set the Stage for Their Future Sustainability Success

Bold Statements From IKEA Set the Stage for Their Future Sustainability Success

Sustainability Success ( Solar Thermal Magazine).

IKEA has announced that it will expand its offer of residential solar panels,now sold in its British stores, to include the Netherlands in October and Switzerland in December. Furthermore they have committed to expand the store sales for home solar pv to another ( so far unnamed) six nations within 18 months.

IKEA Chief Executive Peter Agnefjall recently had this to say, “We are determined to make sustainability both affordable and attractive to as many people as possible”

The company also said that plastic in its home furnishing products , would be made from recycled materials or from renewable sources such as wood by 2020

Bold Statements from the company:

Recently IKEA has said that it is making “strong progress” on a set of bold commitments to invest $1.5 billion (918.27 million pounds) in wind and solar power for its own operations as part of a goal of getting all of its energy from renewables by 2020.

Ikea also has high expectations from it own suppliers for everything from wood products to major appliances encouraging them to go forward with similar efforts for sustainability.


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