The Master’s programs in Solar Energy Engineering at Dalarna University, Sweden

Solar Energy Engineering

Solar Energy Engineering ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – We are always getting questions from our readers and Facebook fans about the types of programs that are available for clean energy and in particular solar energy. Here is a program that we think will interest people.

This video is an introduction to the Master’s programs in Solar Energy Engineering at Dalarna University (DU). Solar Energy research at DU began 30 years ago and Master’s programs (taught in English) have been offered since 1999 under the name “European Solar Engineering School” (ESES).Since then about 250 students have taken the programme and most of them work today as solar experts in the solar industry and as researchers and teachers at universities all over the world.

Why should you take this programme?

  • Solar energy will play a crucial role in the supply of future energy on Earth.
  • Solar energy engineers are already required in many sectors of the energy industry.
  • This one year master’s degree programme has an ideal blend of theory and practical elements that give students an optimal start for their solar career.
  • You will study while in close contact with teachers and researchers at (SERC). In the courses you will be trained on real-case projects.
  • The international character of the programme and its participants will allow you to work in multinational companies and to create a worldwide network for your future career.

Who should study Solar Energy?

Successful candidates to the programme are those who are interested in becoming a part of the fast-growing field of renewable energy. The programme is suitable for students with a bachelor’s degree with a major in Physics, Mechanical, Electrical or Energy Engineering, or similar fields. Documented good command of both oral and written English is required. More details regarding prerequisites can be found in the right menu.

This Swedish masters program offers a one year or 2 year stream for students from around the world.

Enjoy the video

Here is the link to the school

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