Princeton University Team Delivers Clean Energy for Remote Locations

Clean Energy for Remote Locations

Clean Energy for Remote Locations ( Solar Thermal Mgazine). – Power-in-a-Box (TM) is an easily deployable standard shipping container outfitted with solar panels and a telescoping wind turbine for generating electricity in remote or disaster-torn regions.

This video features undergraduates demonstrating their full-scale working prototype at a 2012 competition on the mall in Washington, D.C. Princeton took top honors at the event, called P3: People, Prosperity and the Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability.

The competition was sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency, which awarded the students a $90,000 grant to further develop and implement their project. They are using the money to do a test deployment in Kenya.

In addition to the EPA, Power-in-a-Box funders include the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Affairs, the National Science Foundation (Project CBET-1036415) and the Siebel Energy Grand Challenges Internship.

This student project, led by faculty members Catherine Peters and Elie Bou-Zeid, is part of a course called Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)

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