Human Power and Solar Energy Combine to Develop Hybrid Energy Floor Products

Hybrid Energy Floor Products ( Solar Thermal Magazine) and Spanish start-up OTEM2000 are going to develop hybrid together. Using our extensive knowledge of human powered interactive floor systems and OTEM2000’s wealth of experience in Solarfloors®, a range of flooring products for the private and public sector will be created.

The Hybrid Energyfloor® is the world’s first energy floor that merges two different technologies to produce local clean energy. The floor combines both human power and solar energy to generate electricity and can be installed on commercial streets, rooftops, squares, pavements, public areas or private patios. The range we will develop together with OTEM2000 includes the Hybrid Energyfloor®, Hybrid Dancefloor® and the i-Hybrid Energyfloor®.


Promising innovation

Antoni Orti, product and project manager at OTEM2000 is happy with the partnership. “Energy Floors has loads of experience with these kind of products; they developed the best technology to harness energy from human movement. In addition to that, the Hybrid Energyfloor® has the potential to create amazing spaces which fulfill a green cause whilst also communicating a cool and green message. All kinds of public areas can benefit greatly from these flooring systems.” Michel Smit, CEO of Energy Floors, agrees.

We believe it’s a promising innovation to combine solar energy and human power into one product.



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