Renewable Energy Goes Mobile with WindStream Technologies & the Indiana Department Of Homeland Security

Windstream Technologies mobile command center

, Inc. (OTCQB: WSTI) announced today that it has delivered a unique mobile version of its patented “SolarMill®” hybrid renewable energy device for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS). Based on requirements set forth by the IDHS, WindStream Technologies integrated its technology into a deployable solution for an IDHS trailer providing renewable energy generation to power on-site computer and telecommunications systems. This first-of-its-kind mobile technology will replace or supplement the traditional diesel generators required to operate the primary systems IDHS uses to provide location-based emergency support.

The trailered system is being launched as part of an Indiana Building Emergency Assessment and Monitoring Team (IBEAM) exercise held this week in New Harmony, Indiana. Participants in the simulated earthquake response will include members of the IBEAM team, the State Fire Marshal’s office, local building and fire officials, volunteer architects and engineers, Indiana emergency operations officials, as well as emergency operations personnel from Illinois, Missouri, and Tennessee. Also attending will be officials from the Central United States Earthquake Consortium, which is headquartered in Memphis Tennessee.

“With the push of a button the system automatically deploys, greatly reducing the time to set up a command center and begin powering the needed equipment that serves such a critical role in any response environment,” said Dan Harris, Executive Vice President at WindStream Technologies. “As an American manufacturer, we are very proud to have created a solution which meets the needs of Homeland Security while at the same time opens the door to provide the technology to not only US government agencies but other countries faced with the same mobile challenge.”

Jim Hawkins, Assistant Director for Code Enforcement at IDHS, oversaw the project:
“When we first heard about the SolarMill®, we thought that it may be a long shot to use it for our purposes. Then we worked with the engineers from WindStream who came up with this design that works well for the demanding environment that these trailers and their personnel are faced with. We’re glad to be able to improve our energy efficiency and be a leader among our fellow Homeland Security agencies.”

About SolarMill ®
WindStream’s patented SolarMill products consist of Vertical Axis Turbines and Solar Panels controlled by the Company’s proprietary “smart” electronics. SolarMills are “Made In The U.S.A.” and are being sold to customers all over the world. Technical information on SolarMills is available by visiting

About WindStream Technologies:
Founded in 2008, WindStream Technologies, (OTCQB: WSTI), is headquartered in North Vernon, Indiana. WindStream Technologies was established to create a global low-cost hybrid, renewable energy solutions for urban, suburban, and on and off-grid environments. Made in the USA, its patented SolarMill hybrid wind and solar system technology is a distributed energy solution, which produces continuous renewable energy for customers 24/7/365

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