Solar Energy Systems Yield Big Returns, Say Business Owners

solar energy systems

In a new video series from solar installer , owners of three Californiacompanies (AER Worldwide, Kortick Manufacturing and Annabelle Candy) discuss the financial and energy savings their SunPower solar systems have produced after one to two years in operation.

“Our bills went from $6,000 per month to $50 per month,” said Andre Weiglein, owner of AER Worldwide, an electronic recycling firm based in Fremont, Calif.

“We’ve seen immediate savings, but more importantly, we’re going to see long-term savings that are going to be life-changing for our company,” said Gavin Frase, president of Kortick Manufacturing, a pole line hardware manufacturer.

“Our energy bill has plummeted about 95 percent in the last two years and we’ve recovered almost 100 percent of our energy costs,” said Susan Karl, president of Annabelle Candy, makers of Big Hunk and Abba Zaba. Karl’s company is saving more than $130,000annually from their 438-kilowatt SunPower solar system.

As the price of electricity continues to rise, solar is helping businesses offset their energy costs and generate income for other key business investments.

“Going solar doesn’t have to include a significant capital investment,” said Jaymes Callinan, president of Vista Solar. “The majority of our clients start saving money with solar while never making a single capital outlay.”

Here are the videos:

About Vista Solar Inc.
Vista Solar is an award-winning solar design and installation firm serving the commercial and agricultural markets throughoutCalifornia. Vista Solar offers $0-down financing solutions that allow organizations and businesses to save money on their utility bills without any capital outlay. Vista Solar is driven by the fundamental principle that the job isn’t complete until each customer is reference-able.

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