Wind and Solar Energy is Growing in India

Wind and solar energy

Wind and solar energy is Growing in India. ( Solar Thermal Magazine) As the country struggles to provide the energy needed to bring over one billion people out of poverty and towards a middle class existence, importance decisions about how to power their future are being made and clean energy is likely to be key to the strategy. 

According to the team of  Greenpeace Australia:

Today coal accounts for approximately 57% of India’s total energy consumption and is responsible for 67% of India’s increased carbon emissions. 

But renewable energy alternatives are growing rapidly throughout the country. Solar technology, wind power and other natural resources sources have been utilised to produce electricity, bringing power to those who would otherwise be without.

The abundance of natural resources in India uncover its potential as a world leader in renewable energy and prove that increased coal exports from Australia are unjustified and harmful.


Check out the video:

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