U.S. Water Launches New ETHANOL FINAL FILTER to Improve Final Fuel Quality in Biofuels Production


Water Services, Inc., the leading national provider of integrated solutions for water treatment, introduces the new Water FINAL FILTER. This bolt-on, mechanical/chemical system is unique to the industry, improving final fuel quality through the removal of both existent and potential sulfate. In addition to sulfate removal, the FINAL FILTER addresses issues of color, turbidity, acidity, pHe, chloride and iron.

Sulfate can come from many sources, including excess scrubber additive and sulfuric acid, during the production of ethanol. Some sulfur is apparent at time of manufacture – this is called existent sulfate. During storage or shipment, other emergent sulfur can manifest through oxidation, thereby contributing to potential sulfate. The materialization of potential sulfate can cause a product that initially met existent sulfate specification levels to exceed the maximum permissible level of 4ppm at time of delivery.

“What makes U.S. Water’s Ethanol Final Filter truly unique,” states Dennis Pasko, Vice President of U.S. Water’s Ethanol Process Technologies team, “is the fact that it addresses both existent AND potential sulfate, reducing sulfate at the manufacturing site as well as the ability for it to manifest at delivery.” U.S. Water’s ETHANOL FINAL FILTER is an effective, cost-conscious solution that can be used by producers to enable compliance with their quality assurance program; or as a mobile unit that can be deployed to bring off-spec ethanol back in alignment with prevailing fuel standards.

U.S. Water seeks to identify and eliminate the root cause of problems, finding optimal solutions for each customer’s individual water treatment needs based on the best combination of chemistry, equipment, engineering and technical services.


Photo:"Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Mixture of Ethanol and Water" by Wilfried Cordes - de:Dortmunder Datenbank; en:Dortmund Data Bank. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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