A Tidal Energy Converter Design that is Safe for Marine Life

Tidal Energy Converter Design

Tidal Energy Converter Design ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) With many of our latest designs for renewable energy technology there is a compromise with protection of wildlife and our need for clean energy. Fast moving wind turbines of the 1980 design would draw birds into the fast moving air, and the blades would kill them.

Lately we have heard reports regarding the launch of large mirror focused sunlight beam devices that focus the sun to a single point.  Any birds that fly into the focused sunlight are killed from the heat.

When it comes to harnessing the power of the ocean we all share the same concern for the marine life. Keep them safe,right? Here is a technology from Tidal Energy Pty Ltd which is named the Davidson-Hill Venturi Turbine. The company claims that it’s design does not harm marine life.

Take a look, enjoy the video.


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