Nevada. Home to Las Vegas, Nevada 1 Concentrated Solar Power Plant and Now an Advanced Battery Factory

Nevada 1 Concentrated Solar Power Plant

Nevada 1 Concentrated Solar Power Plant ( Solar Thermal Magazine ). It looks like Nevada has won the bid for the new $5 billion advanced battery factory to power Tesla electric cars, over many other U.S. states that would have liked to have the economic boom for the area this sure to follow.

The state is home to Las Vegas the city of sin in the desert ( sorry I am being funny) where they have no water whatsoever and bring electricity from a long distance to power the casino’s, restaurants and hotels. However not too far from Las Vegas is one of the world’s  most state of the art concentrated solar thermal power plants in the world, Nevada 1.

Nevada 1 is a concentrating solar facility not of the mirrors and tower design that has been in the news lately for reported bird deaths, but the type the uses rows and rows of parabolic collectors.

Bob Cable, Manager for Nevada 1:

We do it with mirrors! The large parabolic structures with mirrors focus the energy to the focal point where a receiver tube transfers the heat to a heat transfer fluid up to approximately 390 degrees C.

The heated water then is used to make steam, which in turn makes steam which is then used in a more conventional way to generate electricity. Clean solar based power!

According to experts at the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the southern U.S. has plenty of sunny open space for making this type of solar based electricity. According to GTM research (based on 2013 data) , Nevada rates 5th in the nation for installed power capacity per capita.

Enjoy the video.

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