Dividend Solar Launches Full-Service Loan Offering to Accelerate Home Solar Ownership

Dividend Solar Home Solar

 announced today the nationwide launch of its full-service solar loan platform, offering homeowners a better alternative to existing solar financing options and providing investors with the vehicle to invest in residential solar at a meaningful scale. The Company’s $0-down loan combines the benefits of a solar lease – energy production guarantees, system warranties and performance monitoring – with the significant financial upside of solar ownership. ’s model simultaneously delivers stable financial returns to investors, shifts the long-term value of solar back to the homeowner and accelerates the development of distributed generation assets across America.

“The solar financing market is remarkably mispriced,” says Steve Michella, CEO and Co-Founder of Dividend Solar. “We’re looking to maximize the economic benefits for both homeowners and investors, and make solar an investment – not just another monthly expense.”

Geared towards institutional investors and accredited individuals, Dividend Solar’s direct lending platform, the EmpowerPortal, enables investors to make attractive, large-scale investments in residential solar. The EmpowerPortal is the bridge for large-scale, yield-seeking capital and individual homeowners, reducing the soft costs of solar and offering unprecedented investor protections. All solar loans are secured by stable, energy-producing assets and backed by creditworthy homeowners, quality-driven installers and top-tier equipment. Through a carefully designed corporate structure, Dividend Solar loans are held in a bankruptcy-remote vehicle designed to provide investors with the same or equivalent protections that would be afforded in a public securitization of the loans. The Company’s market-leading structure has attracted the interest and financial backing of leading Wall Street principals and firms.

Dividend Solar has partnered with industry leaders to develop a comprehensive, full-service loan offering. Through its partnership with Next Phase Solar, the leading operations and maintenance (O&M) provider to operating solar PV systems, Dividend Solar ensures hassle-free maintenance and performance guarantees on all systems. In addition, its partnership with Locus Energy enables homeowners to monitor system performance and track their daily energy savings at no additional cost, while allowing Dividend Solar to identify any potential system performance issues in real-time.

Dividend Solar partners exclusively with quality-driven installers across the to provide streamlined access to solar loans, enabling homeowners to directly realize any tax credits and incentives and maximize the benefit of going solar. Consistent with its mission to align interests throughout the solar value chain, Dividend Solar offers its Installation Partners long-term financial incentives for all systems that consistently outperform their benchmarks.

“It’s all about alignment at Dividend Solar – it’s our defining value,” says Eric White, President and Co-Founder of Dividend Solar. “Our model benefits every member of the solar value chain – homeowners, investors and installers – all while furthering the adoption of clean, renewable energy.”

As the U.S. solar industry continues to grow rapidly, Dividend Solar is leading the transition from the leasing/PPA-driven model to the next phase in the growth of residential solar: solar-ownership-as-a-service. With large-scale investors now able to easily participate in this asset class and solar costs continuing to decline, solar is no longer just an environmental dream – it is an economic reality.

About Dividend Solar

Headquartered in San Francisco, Dividend Solar is a real asset financing company that offers homeowners a better alternative to existing solar financing options and provides investors with the vehicle to invest in residential solar at a meaningful scale. For more information, visit www.dividendsolar.com.

About Next Phase Solar

Next Phase Solar is the leading provider of solar panel maintenance services to operating PV systems. The company provides enterprise solar operations and maintenance to owners, equipment manufacturers, financiers and EPC contractors, with over 10 years of experience maintaining PV systems.

About Locus Energy

With over 40,000 systems monitored in North America, Locus Energy is the leading solar monitoring and data analytics platform provider for the solar PV market, spanning the residential, commercial and utility sectors.

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