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Solar thermal magazine 100% Renewable Energy

Solar thermal magazine 100% Renewable Energy

100% Renewable Energy ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – Here is Elon Musk talking about the concept of 100% renewable energy and the logic behind a global transition to it.

Elon is best known for being the driving force behind Tesla Motors and incredibly this is only one of challenges that he has taken on. He is all of these things at one time.

1- Chairman, product architect and CEO of Tesla Motors.

2- CEO and CTO of SpaceX

3- Chairman of Solar City.

Elon argues that we must move to renewable energy.

To argue that we do not need to move to renewable energy is to argue for us to someday run out of out energy and for our civilization to collapse. We must move in a sustainable way. The question is how hard should we try and how hard should we go at it?

Logically we should move as fast as we can because since we know we have to get there eventually its better to get to a renewable sustainable future sooner rather than later.

Is solar really the solution? Solar is already the source for the vast majority of earth’s energy.

Enjoy the video.

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