Alstom’s Wind Turbines Offered Highest Yield in the Brazilian Market on the Last Twelve Months

Alstom wind turbines

ONS (National Power System Operator) released the monthly commercial operation and generation results from wind power market in Brazil. The measurement, which determines the evolution and the production level of the wind farms, presented that Novo Horizonte and Seabra wind farms, from Brotas complex, which wind turbines ECO86 were designed, delivered, installed and commissioned by Alstom, and are at this moment also operated and maintained by Alstom, were classified as the two Brazil’s best producers analyzed in June 2014 for capacity factor.

The results of 51.9% e 50.7%, respectively, demonstrate Alstom’s wind turbines high capacity factor with the good winds of Bahia State. In 2013, these wind farms were already in the top five, occupying the third and fourth position. The document says that this factor exceeded 5% of the Operator expectations and the results started counting on the exact date of the farms operation.

Alstom’s contract with Desenvix, subsidiary of the Engevix engineering group, was signed in 2010 and represents Alstom’s first contract in the Brazilian wind market. The project, worth at € 100 million, provided to build a 95 MW wind farm complex in Bahia, northeast of Brazil, with the construction of Brotas’ wind complex. This was also the first wind farm complex delivering energy to the grid in Bahia. The company provided 57 ECO 86 wind turbines of 1.67 MW each. The complex consists of three wind farms – Macaubas, Novo Horizonte and Seabra.

For Michael Saxtoft, Vice President Service of Alstom Wind,

This is the result of Alstom’s commitment with its customers to offer and operate the best quality and innovative equipment. Thanks to our unique and proven Alstom Pure Torque® rotor design[1], our wind turbines offer uncompromising reliability, for an optimum availability and efficiency, with lower maintenance costs.”

1] Alstom Pure Torque® rotor concept protects the drive train from unwanted wind buffeting by deflecting it towards the tower.

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