California Highway Patrol Approves ADOMANI All Electric School Bus

all-electric school bus

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has approved the ADOMANI all electric Blue Bird® school bus for transportation. ADOMANI and the Gilroy Unified School District collaborated to produce a solar fueled all electric 50 passenger type-D school bus. CHP approval was the final step before the bus was cleared to transport students. The converted school bus makes its debut this new school year.

The Gilroy Unified School District provided ADOMANI with a 2007 Blue Bird® All American diesel school bus, and by replacing the engine with their patented electric conversion kit, ADOMANI returned a plug-in electric. The bus has an overall range of 40 miles in between charges, tailored to meet the district’s need of a 22 mile route. ADOMANI can supply a school or commercial bus with enough battery power to travel 100 miles.

ADOMANI has chosen to utilize the same plug as the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, making its buses adaptable to universal charging stations. The Gilroy Unified School District’s charging station has been supplemented with solar panels, making the bus a true zero emission vehicle.

Verbal approval of ADOMANI’s converted school bus came one day after initial inspection. Recent ADOMANI board member addition and school bus industry expert Jim Reynolds said, “That is by far the fastest I have seen approval come in. I was anticipating a few months of processing.”

This is ADOMANI’s second converted Blue Bird® school bus. ADOMANI has created a conversion kit specialized for the All American Blue Bird® school bus that can be installed in a couple weeks. Ninety percent of the OEM parts are retained, allowing mechanics to remain familiar with parts like the transmission, compressor, radiator, alternator, etc.

Edward Monfort, the founder and CTO of ADOMANI, announced the company’s plan to move their headquarters from Florida to California within the next few months stating, “After the conversion for Gilroy, moving to California seemed like the right fit, though we plan to retrofit vehicles throughout the country.” Monfort also commented on his transition into the bus industry saying, “I am thrilled to be working with school buses and to have an opportunity to enter a market that can improve lives and the environment.”

ADOMANI has converted a range of fuel powered vehicles to hybrids and all-electrics, including a Ford Mustang, Ford F150, Ford Ranger, and a Dodge RAM® 1500. After completing the All American Blue Bird® conversion, ADOMANI is now looking to other fleet vehicles for conversion opportunities.

ADOMANI is a green initiative vehicle technology company specializing in gas/diesel to all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle conversions. For more information contact adomanielectric(at)gmail(dot)com and visit ADOMANI has arranged $200 Million in loans for conversions and new vehicles through Bob Garzee with Synergy E.V. Financial.

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