UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Mark on Photovoltaic Panels

counterfeit UL Mark

The following is a notification from that the photovoltaic panel identified below bears a counterfeit Mark for the United States and Canada. The photovoltaic (solar) panel has not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is unknown if this photovoltaic panel complies with any safety requirements.


Name of Product: 

AstralENERGY 250W

Model AE-CR250WP


Engineered Systems Inc.

AstralEnergy Solar Manufacturing Company

2755 Lauzon Parkway

Windsor, Ontario CANADA N8T 3H5

Identification:  The product bears a label with a counterfeit UL Classification Mark for the United States and Canada and the following:

AstralEnergy 250W

High Density – Polycrystalline Solar Photovoltaic Panel

Model AE-CR250WP


Assembled in Windsor, Ontario, Canada by AstralENERGY

Solar Manufacturing Company Incorporated

Photographs of the product and packaging can be viewed at www.ul.com/newsroom.

Sold at: Known to be sold and installed by Engineered Systems Inc. May have been sold by others.

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