Solar Powered Water Pump for Water Livestock in Remote Pastures and Fields

Solar Powered Water Pump

( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – There are lots of locations around the world where it is not so easy to get electricity to fields to water crops or livestock when they need it Even when there is the proximity of electricity the cost of running permanent wiring and paying monthly power bills is a challenge for farmers.

Now one company is offering  a submersible pump that floats on the surface of a pond , lake or stream that was completely powered by solar. The pump uses a 55 watt solar pv panel that can be up to 55 ft away from the pump. Using only solar for the pump conveniently means that on hot sunny days you will pump more water ( up to 2 gallons per minute ) and on cooler overcast days you will pump less water.

If you need more a more constant stream of water there is an option to include a deep cycle battery for energy storage.

See what you think.

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