Does Portugal’s Energy Future Lie with Marine Energy Technologies?

Marine Energy Technologies

Marine Energy Technologies ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – Many in Portugal believe that their energy future lies with the sea.

Marine renewable energy in Portugal will be paramount for ensuring the supply of energy to the world within the next 30 years. On the other hand portugal has very favorable conditions for using this type of energy. And if by pioneering in the development of leading edge technology it may have access to a significant part of the world.

In portugal there are 3 main marine energy projects producing clean energy to the mainland.


There are:

  1. The Pico power plant in the Azores ( since 1999)
  2. The Waverunner wave energy converter in Peniche
  3. and the floating offshore wind turbine named the Windfloat.

Enjoy the video, the technology and the beauty which is Portugal.


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