Montana State Government Saves Taxpayers Millions by Improving Energy Efficiency

Montana energy efficiency

Lt. Governor Angela McLean today honored a group of state employees for their nationally recognized work on energy-efficiency initiatives that saved the state millions of tax dollars.

The National Association of State Facilities Administrators (NAFSA) granted the State of Montana the 2014 NAFSA Innovations Award for the State’s cutting edge work in energy efficiency and conservation. The Award was given to the Department of Administration’s (DOA) Architecture and Engineering Division and the Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) Energy, Pollution, and Prevention Bureau for their innovative approach to promoting energy efficiency and conservation in Montana’s state buildings.“We are proud that Montana serves as an example to the nation by investing in projects that are efficient and save taxpayer money,” said Lt. Governor Angela McLean. “Being smart about energy use and conservation is a strategy that saves Montanans nearly $2 million per year. We will continue to champion energy efficiency in our own state buildings, and will continue to encourage conservation statewide.”

The State of Montana’s Architecture and Engineering Division entered into a partnership with DEQ to find and evaluate energy conservation measures, as well as handle the design, bidding and construction oversight of energy projects.

This partnership led to the implementation of energy and deferred maintenance projects, saving the State nearly $2 million a year in utility costs, and completing more than 80 projects in a 3-year span. The Program has continued to prioritize energy retrofits of state-owned buildings, and save taxpayer money.
“State agencies working together to save tax dollars is just good government. It is good for the environment, too. I applaud our team,” said DEQ Director Tracy Stone-Manning.

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