Proton Power Finalises Development of HyRange 25 Fuel Cell System for Mobile Applications

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Proton Power is pleased to announce that it has finalised the development of the new 25kW HyRange fuel cell system. The new System in the HyRange product family produces 25kW of net power to support bus, light and heavy duty vehicle applications. It is expected that its principal use will be as a range extender for electric vehicles. The modular design allows generating 50kW or 75kW in multi system applications. It is based on Proton Power’s recently developed PM400 fuel cell stack. The new HyRange 25 system has been continuously tested and run over the last nine months.

The HyRange 25 system is capable of providing enough electric energy on board of an electric powered city bus for a full day of operation. The heat generated by the system can also be used to support the heating system in the bus, increasing the overall efficiency. By installing the HyRange 25 system, bus manufacturers can choose to downsize the on board battery, increase passenger load and reduce operating costs.

Proton Power has considerable know-how in mobile fuel cell applications having operated the TriHyBus in the Czech Republic with a Proton Power fuel cell system for the last four years. The HyRange 8 System with 8kW of net power has been in operation for the last two years on a 7.5 tonnes light duty vehicle operated by customers in the logistic sector in Germany. The vehicle has been running in a full time service without interruption with extremely pleasing results.

With the HyRange 8 and HyRange 25 systems, Proton Power can offer a complete portfolio of products for the bus and light duty vehicle market.

Dr. Nahab, CEO of Proton Power, said: “This is a milestone for us. Our HyRange 25 system with our own designed PM400 fuel cell stack can provide enough power for a 12 metre city bus. Our know-how in mobile fuel cell applications is proven and allows emission free operation. The world market for emission free transport in megacities will explode and the demand for emission free systems is growing dramatically. We offer industry leading expertise, know-how and customer support from the first simulation up to the final integration. I would like to congratulate and thank my team for this new development, fulfilling the project on time and within budgeted cost.”




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