Ever Wondered How A Fuel Cell Vehicle Works?

How A Fuel Cell Vehicle Works

How A Fuel Cell Vehicle Works ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – Fuel cell vehicles are powered by amazing technology. They generate electricity from hydrogen through an electrochemical process within a fuel cell stack. These vehicles combine the best attributes of gasoline and battery-powered cars, resulting in a clean, long range vehicle with fast refueling times.

As a creative way to help explain how fuel cell vehicles work, Hyundai developed an animated infographic that shows mechanically how hydrogen is transformed into electricity and how it all comes together.

Hyundai fuel cell

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  • breath on the Wind says:

    While it may be semantically true that fuel cell vehicles contain \attributes of gasoline vehicles\ it is technically inaccurate. A \fuel cell vehicle\ is more accurately described as a \fuel cell electric vehicle\ There is no gasoline or a gasoline engine on a fuel cell vehicle. The \semantic\ difference is promoted by petrochemical companies who want to sell hydrogen, made from petrochemicals at their fueling stations. Presently more than 95% of the worlds hydrogen is made from fossil fuels. This is unlikely to change without legislation that over-rides the most economical (and more polluting) source of hydrogen.

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