Malaysia Eco-Housing Project to Include Hybrid Solar Wind System

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WindStream Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: WSTI) announced today a contract was awarded through its Malaysian distributor, My WindStream Energy of Kuala Lumpur, to deliver the company’s patented SolarMill® hybrid solar wind system technology for a new eco-housing project in Sungai Ular, Cherating Pahang, Malaysia. Phase I of the contract calls for 50 SM2-4P SolarMill units to be delivered in the next 90 days. Subsequent phases of the project are being scheduled to complete the deployment throughout the 800 home housing complex.

Once completed, the eco-housing project in Sungai Ular, Cherating Pahang, Malaysia, will be the largest deployment of WindStream’s hybrid solar and wind energy technology in the world. The completed installation’s power generation potential equals greater than 1.6MW’s of power annually. Power generated from the SM2-4P SolarMills will be used onsite and tied to the grid, reducing the demand for grid-supplied energy while lowering electricity cost for homeowners.

“Sungai Ular sits on the Malaysian coastline facing the South China Sea, a perfect place to utilize renewable energy solutions like the SolarMill, where it is windy and sunny 360 days a year,” said Mr. Sam Gopal, Managing Director, My WindStream Energy.

Mr. Kumar Tangirala, President of WindStream South Asia, spearheaded the project for the Company noting, “As we began discussion with My WindStream about technology opportunities in Malaysia, it became clear that the countries ‘eco’ efforts would lead to large-volume sales of SolarMill products. This is just the first of many projects that My WindStream has identified and is actively pursuing.”

WindStream and its distributor will deliver the Company’s 2kW SolarMill, SM2-4P unit to the project with equipment costs being offset through Malaysia’s Feed-in Tariff of 1RM/kWh or $0.31USD.

In many parts of the world, distributed energy technologies are the only way for people living beyond the grid to have cost-effective access to electricity. WindStream’s hybrid energy solution SolarMill is a very efficient way of providing power and improving the quality of life for millions of people living beyond the grid.

The Sungai Ular announcement by WindStream comes on the heels of last month’s unveiling of the world’s largest hybrid solar and wind rooftop system installation in Kingston, Jamaica supplying 106,000 kWh annually to the law firm of Myers, Fletcher, and Gordon. View their installation video now:

About SolarMill ®
WindStream’s patented SolarMill products consist of Vertical Axis Turbines and Solar Panels controlled by the Company’s proprietary “smart” electronics. SolarMills are easily assembled and installed and are scalable, allowing customers to grow their installation to meet their energy demands. SolarMills are “Made In The U.S.A.” and are being sold to customers all over the world.

About WindStream Technologies:

Founded in 2008, WindStream Technologies, (OTCQB: WSTI), is headquartered in North Vernon, Indiana. WindStream Technologies was established to create a global low-cost hybrid, renewable energy solutions for urban, suburban, and on and off-grid environments. Made in the USA, its patented SolarMill hybrid wind and solar system technology is a distributed energy solution, which produces continuous renewable energy for customers 24/7/365. 

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  • Damian Balcom says:

    I am an architecture student with a strong background in renewables/alternative energy. I have been of the understanding that structurally integrated wind energy has never quite panned out, in the past.
    It seems the close proximity of the solar panels to the turbines in this configuration could easily interfere with the turbines, thereby lessening the efficiency of the VAWT turbines.
    Was the decision to use these and in this configuration something to do with ROI regarding the tariffs, or was there some other consideration?

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