Solar Charging Electric Cars. Driving on Sunshine

Solar Charging Electric Cars

( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – On an atypically cold night in Austin,the confab of area clean energy and technology companies,  hosted an event to unveil the SolarWing ACPV system at local engineering design firm Concurrent Design. The crowd of nearly 400 people represented an eclectic mix of Austinites–solar and EV enthusiasts and technology lovers who seemed to have been waiting for this kind of collaborative project for years.

The SolarWing carport offers the covered parking many businesses pay for, with the added benefit of generating clean power. The two canopies hovering just outside the Concurrent office hold a 7.5kW PV system that will produce enough power to charge up to four electric vehicles (EVs) simultaneously.

With 30 MAGE AC Solar modules powered by SolarBridge microinverters on the back of each panel, the ACPV system was a breeze for the team at Circular Energy to install and ideal for harvesting maximum energy when nearby trees cast a shadow on the array.

As EVs continue to grow in popularity, an ACPV system that can efficiently recharge those EVs strictly from the power of the sun can be a game changer for individuals and organizations looking to broaden the appeal –and adoption–of cars that run on renewable energy.

Concurrent Design owner Tom Ortman, an engineer and EV owner, had been wanting to incorporate a PV system into his business for years. Tom understood that to realize the full benefits of driving an EV, he would have to find a solution for powering his EV from the sun.?When he saw the SolarWing system, he knew he’d found the answer.Will Wynn, former mayor of Austin, addressing a standing room only crowd at CleanTX event.

“It’s elegant, it’s sophisticated, and it shows off the idea that solar can be sexy,” Tom said.

We can create energy for our homes and our transportation right out of thin air,” he added. “And we can all be driving on sunshine.


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