NECEC Report: Next Governors Critical to New England’s Clean Energy Future

New England Clean Energy Council

The upcoming elections this November will be central in deciding the fate of the clean energy industry in New England, according to a new report released today by the New England Clean Energy Council (NECEC) and NECEC Institute. Empowering New England with Clean Energy is an original white paper outlining a compelling vision for the potential for clean energy growth, and critical clean energy policies that the next governors must support to ensure that the clean energy sector continues on its current path to becoming New England’s next dominant industry.

“Clean energy innovation, company and job growth have mirrored many aspects of other innovation sectors over the last decade, including high tech and life sciences, and have become a vital part of the New England economy,” said NECEC President Peter Rothstein. “Clear and consistent policy from the region’s next governors stands to create tens of thousands of new jobs in this sector, while ensuring New England continues to accelerate the transition to a reliable, cost-effective clean energy system to spur economic growth in all parts of the regional economy.”

Clean energy has grown substantially in New England in the last five years, through both deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency across the region, as well as development of a world-class industry creating technologies, products and services to serve a rapidly growing global clean energy market. However, the success of New England’s clean energy cluster is at a tipping point and the policies set by the next governors are crucial to the continued success of the economic engine that has already created more than a hundred thousand jobs in the region in recent years.

With hundreds of companies developing next-generation clean energy technologies that will enter the marketplace in the coming decade, New England states need consistent policies that will enable companies to grow and deploy their technologies here. Blessed with the intellectual, financial, and human capital strengths that have made the region a leader in the development of clean energy technologies, products, and services, New England’s future should be as a leader in the global clean energy market, which in 2013 was valued at $1.1 trillion—as big as pharmaceuticals worldwide1.

Empowering New England with Clean Energy lays out policy recommendations for the next governors in the areas of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Innovation and Regional Competitiveness, the 21st Century Electricity System and Carbon Reduction. Among the policies recommended, NECEC calls for the next administrations to expand each state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard and energy demand reduction goals through 2025, to support state programs to fund clean energy research, early-stage companies, and demonstration projects for new technologies, to commit to advancing the modernization of the electricity system, and to expand the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) through the year 2030 to continue the region’s cost-effective leadership on climate mitigation.

The full white paper is available to read at the following link:

In addition, you can view quotes from NECEC members and leading members of New England’s growing clean energy industry here:

NECEC President Peter Rothstein and NECEC Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs Janet Gail Besser are available to comment to the press on the paper.

About NECEC (The New England Clean Energy Council and the NECEC Institute)

NECEC is a regional non-profit organization representing clean energy companies and entrepreneurs throughout New England and the Northeast through programs and initiatives that help clean energy businesses at all stages of development to access the resources they need to grow.

The New England Clean Energy Council is the lead voice for hundreds of clean energy companies across New England, influencing the energy policy agenda and growing the clean energy economy. The NECEC Institute leads programs that support Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Cluster and Economic Development and Workforce Development.

NECEC’s combined mission is to accelerate the region’s clean energy economy to global leadership by building an active community of stakeholders and a world-class cluster of clean energy companies.

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