Kite Sails on “The Last Ship” are a Real Technology

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If you are a fan of the new television show “The Last Ship” and were watching last night, you saw them get out of a sticky situation where their engines were offline by attaching large parachute type kite sails to the ship.  But did you know that the U.S. Navy are not the only ones using this type of sail on large ocean going vessels.

A German company by the name of SkySails developed an automated towing-kite system that captures the vast potential of high altitude winds.  They were the first company to succeed in developing this technology into an industrial application.

With SkySails, modern cargo ships can use the wind as a source of power – not only to lower fuel costs, but significantly reduce emission levels as well. The worldwide patented SkySails propulsion system consists of three main components: a towing kite with rope, a launch and recovery system, and a control system for automated operation.

SkySails  are usually installed  as an auxiliary propulsion system on both new builds and existing vessels.  Now the company can also advertise that in case a worldwide plague hits, they can also be used to propel your ship and thereby keep the experimental vaccine at proper temperature.  What a marketing campaign!

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