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Energy Management Solutions ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – Elster Solutions has  announced the general availability of version 9.1 of its EnergyAxis® advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution. This release completes the final refinement and commercialization of the recently introduced 9.0 version of the advanced AMI system and its availability for purchase by utilities.

EnergyAxis 9.1 is a major system release comprising Elster’s portfolio of software, hardware and firmware components that work together to make up the AMI system. The release encompasses major enhancements in several key areas:

  • Enhancements to remote configuration and upgrade of system endpoints. New features significantly reduce the time and cost of deploying field personnel to complete equipment upgrades and reconfigurations.
  • User interface enhancements designed to dramatically improve operator efficiency.
  • Features that enable utilities with electricity and water or gas meters to more effectively manage two or three utility services through the same head end system.
  • Enhanced distribution automation via expanded support for remote data collection of more interval data channels, thus enabling better analysis of power quality and/or billing data analysis.
  • Outage and restoration enhancements designed to speed outage response.
  • New demand response applications providing scheduling load control support for connect/disconnect operations.

Elster also announces that several utilities have already decided to migrate to the new platform.

We are enthused about all of the enhancements that are included in this new release,” said Joel Noel, Chief Technology Officer, City of Ocala, Florida. Three of our AMI project goals are reductions in outage response time, cost savings and reduced field activity. The ability to update firmware should bring about substantial reductions in field visits, and the new outage restoration features will help improve response times and cut costs.

About Elster
Elster delivers complete Smart Grid and Energy Management Solutions that drive energy efficiency, operational improvements and cost savings for utilities, commercial and industrial customers and consumers. Elster uses its speed and agility to drive interoperability and open standards and strategically collaborates with customers and partners.

Its end-to-end electricity, water and gas offerings include advanced meters/sensors, secure communications, and data collection, management and analytics. Elster is dedicated to customer success in more than 130 countries through Elster’s professional integration services, technical support and training.

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