PROINSO Supplies the All New ZeverSolar Solar PV Inverters in India

Solar PV Inverters in India

Solar PV Inverters in ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – Over 100 MW in panels and solar inverters have been delivered by PROINSO in in the last three years.

The agreement reached with Zeversolar, an SMA owned company with manufacturing facilities in China, will strengthen PROINSO’s position in India, where the company has supplied PV solar material to over 140 projects.

Zeversolar couples the very best of quality assurance with manufacturing cost effectiveness to offer a leading price competitive product.

PROINSO has a branch in Mumbai and a total 128 Qualified Installers from India in its International Network.

“The recent alliance with Zeversolar is all important as we believe it is an unrivalled best match to the procurement criteria of a large section of the Indian string inverter market”, said Kunal Chandra, Head of PROINSO India.

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