What Oil, Coal and Natural Gas Companies Fear the Most!

Fossil Fuel Companies, what they fear –  84,000 Facebook likes…..( Solar Thermal Magazine )

This post is one the favorites of our facebook fans when it was originally published in May of this year. Solar Thermal Magazine and our commitment to the global adoption of clean energy is definitely not in the best interests of oil,natural gas or coal companies. Make no mistake, the best interests of these companies and their powerful highly paid lobbyists are not aligned with the best interest for the average person or future life on this planet.

In particular Solar Thermal, Concentrated Solar and Photovoltaic solar technologies represent an immediate threat to the fossil fuel industry. Right behind these solar opportunities are wind, bio-fuel and ocean power technologies. Dont rule out how scary the concept of energy efficiency can be to your local utility. They may say publicly that they support renewable and energy efficiency but think about it , why would they. They make money by selling gas,natural gas and dirty electricity right? And oh by the way they get a raise every year in the form of an increase in prices to the consumer.

Not surprising that this Facebook entry went viral. What are your thoughts on this………….you have patiently heard ours ( and our many of our readers)…





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