Florida Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Achieves 105 Miles On A Single Charge

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Electric Vehicle Manufacturer ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – GAINESVILLE, FloridaJuly 2, 2014. citEcar Electric Vehicles, an electric vehicle manufacturer based out of Gainesville, Florida, has recently achieved 105 miles traveled on a single charge with their new model, the 6PR XLC. This record-breaking achievement tops the current electric golf cart industry average of 30 miles1 per charge by more than 350% percent.

The citEcar 6PR XLC combines all of the best components in the industry with an upgraded AC brushless motor, a powerful solar panel on the roof (Made in USA), a Curtis Controller (Made in USA), an Eagle Performance On Board Charger (Made in USA), and upgraded Trojan Batteries (Made in USA). All vehicles are built in the citEcar Gainesville, Florida manufacturing facility.

Justin Jackrel, the President of citEcar Electric Vehicle adds,

When we first entered the electric vehicle industry in 2005, the norm for a golf cart or low speed vehicle was only 25-35 miles per charge. We knew that customers would want a longer range, so all of our standard models have been able to achieve up to 50 miles per charge. With this new model, the 6PR XLC, we have been able to triple what the industry is used to. Devin Hansis, one of our employees drove this vehicle for 105 miles, and did a fantastic job in helping us to exceed our goal. Our vehicles are clean, quiet, and now can travel longer on a single charge than even most gasoline golf carts on a single tank! This is a major accomplishment for all of us and we are proud to be offering such a long range golf cart to our clients.

Manufactured since 2005 and with over 40 models to choose from, citEcar vehicles range from two to twenty nine passengers. All are powered solely by electric systems, and solar panels are available for every model. The average recharge cost ranges from $.50 – $1.00, depending on local utility rates. In addition to private retail customers, citEcar Electric Vehicles commonly sell their golf carts, low speed vehicles, and electric shuttles to churches, hospitals, theme parks, factories, golf cart dealerships, and rental companies.

All vehicles can be viewed at http://citecarelectricvehicles.com

About citEcar Electric Vehicles
citEcar Electric Vehicles a manufacturer and distributor of electric vehicles is based out of Gainesville, Florida. The electric vehicles produced include electric street legal golf carts, electric shuttles, commercial electric vehicles, low speed vehicles, and ADA shuttles with wheelchair ramps. All vehicles include batteries, chargers, and controllers that are made in the USA.

1Average of website listed ranges for street legal units from three industry leaders (GEM – 30 miles, Club Car – 30 miles, E-Z-GO – 30 miles)

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