Solar Charging Stations Arrive At City Beaches Just In Time For Fourth Of July

Solar Charging Stations

Solar Charging Stations ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – Beach goers across New York City will no longer have to worry about dying phones or tablets raining on their Fourth of July fun! As part of AT&T’s Street Charge initiative, six beaches and eight parks are the latest locations to offer free solar-powered mobile charging stations throughout the summer.

Visitors to Coney Island and Brighton Beach in Brooklyn; South Beach and Midland Beach in Staten Island; Orchard Beach in theBronx; and Rockaway Beach in Queens will be able to enjoy uninterrupted summer fun with a fully-charged phone battery throughout the day. Every location has multiple charging stations, each capable of charging six devices at a time.

In addition to the beaches, selected in partnership with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, five AT&T Street Charge stations are now also available across Central Park for the first time.

“The beaches are the place to be when the weather gets warm and AT&T is excited to be able to offer even more solar mobile charging stations to beach-goers throughout the summer,” said Marissa ShorensteinNew York State President, AT&T.

Keeping people connected is our goal and a fully charged battery will allow any New Yorker to enjoy their summer safely and uninterrupted.

“The Street Charge stations have been a great success in many of our parks throughout the city,” said Robert Garafola, NYC Parks Deputy Commissioner.

With the increasing versatility of mobile devices, park users are eager to bring their phones, tablets and laptops to parks for leisure and work and to stay connected to loved ones and friends. New Yorkers and tourists alike are now able to extend their visits to our parks and beaches citywide while staying charged.

The AT&T Street Charge stations work day or night, in sun or shade. During the day, three monocrystaline solar panels collect the sun’s energy to charge up powerful internal batteries. This enables AT&T Street Charge to power up phones, tablets, and other devices as quickly as a wall—even when the sun isn’t shining.

AT&T Street Charge is part of a larger effort by AT&T to keep New Yorkers connected to the things that matter to them most. It complements AT&T’s Wi-Fi in the Parks initiative, which provides free Wi-Fi to park goers – regardless of their provider – in more than 25 parks locations across all five boroughs.

Developing sustainable solutions has long been a priority for AT&T. The company recently issued their annual Sustainability Report, which highlights AT&T’s continuing efforts to engineer innovative answers to help address environmental and social challenges.  In New York alone, the company invested in more than 100 energy efficiency projects in 2013, resulting in an expected 13.775 million kilowatt hours of annualized energy savings – the equivalent of removing 821 cars from the road annually.

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