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Home Solar Monitoring

Home Solar Monitoring , BOULDER, Colorado ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – eGauge Systems today announced a partnership with Generaytor.com, an online community that helps people go solar. eGauge power meter users can now freely and easily join the community and connect their live solar performance data to the Generaytor platform. Generaytor members discover fellow solar homeowners nearby, celebrate solar achievements, and gain deeper insights than they have from their own data alone.

Members can invite their friends to try “Virtual Solar,” Generaytor’s personalized, ongoing solar energy and financial simulation for people considering solar. Virtual Solar users also benefit from the recommendations and experience of solar homeowners in the community. Highly accurate eGauge data will help power the simulations, which update continuously as actual performance data from nearby solar systems flow into the Generaytor platform.

“eGauge is pleased to announce our partnership and integration with Generaytor. Now eGauge users everywhere can benefit from one another’s experience and showcase their success producing solar energy,” said Greg Greenan, Vice President at eGauge Systems LLC.

To join the Generaytor community for free, eGauge users can simply visit their Settings page and select Generaytor in the “data sharing” option. Generaytor enables solar installers to effortlessly invite their customers to join the community. For this free service, solar installers can sign up at www.generaytor.com/installers or contact [email protected].

“eGauge has done a great job in creating a robust tool that functions well and is easily installed and brought on line,” said Paolo Tedone, Vice President of Business Development and Co-founder at Generaytor. “Since reducing energy bills is one of the main reasons to go solar, eGauge’s ability to monitor both solar production and energy consumption is a huge benefit.”

About eGauge: eGauge Systems LLC is a leading provider of affordable whole-house and renewable energy monitoring solutions. eGauge has been in business for five years manufacturing high quality energy monitoring systems for solar installers, performance contractors and green builders.

About Generaytor: Generaytor is an online community that helps people go solar. Generaytor’s unique “try before you buy” solar shopping experience empowers people to make informed decisions. Your potential savings with solar are simulated for your roof, based on real solar homeowners nearby. Visit: www.generaytor.com.


SOURCE eGauge Systems

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