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Lower Cost Clean Energy Choice

Lower Cost Clean Energy Choice – PHOENIXJune, 2014 ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – Vivint Solar, a leading provider of residential solar energy systems in the United States, today announced that it has expanded into the Phoenix, Arizona area with two new offices. This is the company’s first business expansion into the Grand Canyon State and is planning to hire approximately 100 employees and direct sellers to begin providing its affordable solar energy system lease solutions to homeowners.

Arizona is well-suited for distributed solar energy generation, and we believe our lease offering will work well in the Phoenix area,” saidChance Allred, vice president of sales at Vivint Solar.

We think giving residents another choice for their energy needs is a net win for their bottom lines.

With a Vivint Solar lease, Phoenix homeowners can lock in a fixed monthly lease payment for a rooftop solar energy system with no down payment or upfront costs for installation and permitting. Vivint Solar leases include a solar energy production guarantee and provide a credit to the homeowner in the event the solar energy system does not meet the annual energy production guarantee. The lease can mitigate risks and push the rewards along to customers.

As a result, the electricity generated by the solar energy system provides Phoenix homeowners with electricity costs that are typically below the prevailing electric utility rates. For more information on Vivint Solar’s lease, please visit:http://www.vivintsolar.com/en/state/arizona.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Arizona ranks 2nd in the country in installed solar capacity with 1,822 MW of solar energy currently installed.

Key facts about Vivint Solar’s Arizona presence:

  • Deploys a unique sales model for the solar industry of an in-person, consultative sales team and a highly automated, efficient design and installation process.
  • Expects to employ approximately 100 employees and direct sellers in the Phoenix, Arizona area.
  • The company’s sales teams, site surveyors, permitting staff, CAD designers, installers and electricians are all in-house and many are hired from local communities and trade schools.

In addition to Arizona, Vivint Solar also operates in CaliforniaHawaiiMarylandMassachusettsNew Jersey and New York.

For Vivint Solar photos and video of its installation process, please visit http://www.vivintsolar.com.

About Vivint Solar

Founded in 2011, Vivint Solar is a leading provider of residential solar energy systems in the United States. Vivint Solar designs, installs, and maintains cost-effective solar energy systems. Through a power purchase agreement (PPA) or solar energy system lease, a homeowner can use the power generated by a solar photovoltaic system and pay a lower rate than the prevailing electric utility provider.

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