SCIGRIP Solar Boat Successfully Completes Sea Trials

SCiGRIP Solar Boat

The SCIGRIP Solar Boat Team has accomplished another milestone in preparation for the DONG World Cup Solar Power Challenge. Last week, the Polish entry, named the SCIGRIP Solar Boat, successfully completed stability and speed tests on the water, and the team remains confident of an excellent result in this year’s championships, hosted in Holland from June 28 – July 3.
SCIGRIP, a global supplier of smart adhesive solutions, is sponsoring the team and providing technical advice, as well as supplying structural bonding products both throughout the build process and during the race.

With their sights firmly set on winning the 2014 World Championship, the SCIGRIP Solar Boat Team  decided to design and build a completely new boat. This revised structure  made the hull even lighter than the previous entry which received the prestigious Innovation Award for the lightest boat in the regatta in 2012. The engine  features rare-earth magnets, the strongest type of magnet available, and these increase the efficiency of the drive system and therefore boost the vessel’s speed. Specialist software has also been developed and will be utilised to optimise energy and power consumption.

The Dong Energy Solar Challenge is the World Cup for solar powered boats which takes place every two years in Holland. All competitors are required to cover the distance of over 150 miles (250 km) using only energy from the sun driven by the solar panels. Recharging of batteries during the regatta is strictly forbidden.

Over 40 teams from various countries compete in three categories for seven days. The crew which beat the distance in the fastest time are the winners. Due to very restricted rules and regulations, the difference between teams on the finish line is very small, often only a matter of minutes. This makes the regatta very competitive and challenging so simply appearing on the finish line is considered a success.

The SCIGRIP Solar Boat Team competes in the A Class which is a one-man boat with standard solar panels provided by the organizer of the regatta. Boats from A Class are very similar to each other and even small differences in weight, construction or simply the trim of the boat can play a critical part in their success.

To be able to fight for first place, they have designed and produced the SCIGRIP Solar Boat using the most high performance composite technologies and innovations available.

To follow the SCIGRIP Solar Boat Team’s progress in the build-up and during the race, please visit

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