A Home Based Energy Storage Device for Your Residential Solar or Wind System

Home Based Energy Storage Device

Home Based Energy Storage Device –  ( Solar Thermal Magazine ). A company by the name of Velkess energy lead by Bill Gray has developed an energy storage device that can store made from solar or wind when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. By making the electrical energy developed from residential or commercial clean power systems available when we need to use it the company has opened the door for renewable energy generation even further. The technology is not necessarily new. High speed flywheel kinetic storage devices has been tried before. The electrical energy generated from the example of solar panels is converted to momentum and kinetic energy on a precision balanced flywheel moving in a partial vacuum. In the case of solar panels , when the sun goes down or behind a cloud the Velkess energy storage device transfers it’s mechanical energy into electrical energy in reverse to the method in which the energy was stored. Makes sense right? Here is another video from the company that explains the technology.

Mr Gray recently listed his dream project for solving the storage challenge of renewable energy on the crowd funding site Kickstarter.com. At Solar Thermal Magazine we have highlighted some of these clean energy funding campaigns before. This campaign ended well as the company raised over the goal of $54,000 with 315 backers. We wish the team at Velkess good luck with this interesting venture and we will update everyone as information is available.

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