New Automated System Will Clean And Cool Solar PV Panels

Integra Global, a leading company specialized in providing automatic cleaning and cooling systems for solar PV panels of solar power system, releases Solmaks to break new ground in power efficiency of solar power systems. 

Most existing automated systems are designed to handle only one task, either cleaning or cooling, and those systems for cleaning waste water by leaving too much water on the panel surface after cleaning and have many limitations when used in locations with low temperatures in winter. Further, they require limits on repetitive operations, have installation limitations due to various panel structures and placement, complex composition, high installation costs, and frequent maintenance of their hardware.

“On the other hand, this system, Solmaks, is a relatively low-cost, safe, and convenient system that efficiently and frequently removes sources of contamination from a panel surface that hinder light collection of a solar power generation system, and optimizes the efficiency of the solar power generation system by spraying water periodically to prevent overheating of the solar panel surface,” said Brandon Lee, CEO of Integra Global. He added, “through the use of our company’s technology product, a customer can recoup, at an early stage, the investment costs of a solar power generator system and prevent decreases in solar power generation efficiency through easy maintenance of the solar power generation system without any danger or difficulty.”
Integra Global is inviting investment worldwide for further R&D, additional factory, and operation.

About Integra Global
Integra Global Co., Ltd. was founded as a comprehensive trading company in 2006 and has now become a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and building automatic cleaning and cooling systems that maintain the cleanliness of solar panel surfaces and optimize the power efficiency of solar power systems (Solar PV panels: arrays & units), and also trades in and supplies other miscellaneous automated industrial commodities. 

Source: EIN Presswire

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