India Company Specializes in Concentrating Solar thermal Technology for Industrial Use

Concentrating Solar thermal Technology

Concentrating Solar thermal Technology  – ( Solar Thermal Magazine ). Clique Solar, claims to be India’s first solar boiler company, and a pioneer in developing solar thermal technology for industrial process heating and comfort cooling applications. Its patented ARUN® solar boiler and solar thermal concentrator (CST) dish is a result of years of research and testing. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and I.I.T. Bombay have supported this development effort.

About the Solar Thermal Concentrator.

The ARUN® solar thermal concentrator is a Fresnel Paraboloid Solar Concentrator System with a Point Focus based on assembly of reflectors. ARUN® uses solar grade mirrors as reflectors. The system automatically tracks the sun from morning to evening using a proprietary electronic tracking system. The receiver is placed at the focus of the paraboloid concentrator. It is an inverted cavity type receiver with MS tubing as per the required pressure.

ARUN® design integrates the latest technologies for complete automated operations with minimum maintenance with all built in safety provisions as well as two axes tracking of the Sun.

Key Performance Figures (per day) 

Dry saturated steam1200 kg
Hot water (@ 65°C)25,000 liters
Cooling (for 8-10 hours)25 TR
Cooking7,500 meals
Milk pasteurization30,000 liters
Effluent evaporation2.5m3
Laundry600 kg


Savings by 1 ARUN® dish on a clear sunny day

Daily energy output7 Lac kcal
Effective saving of fuel100 liters
Effective saving of electrical energy800 kWh
Average CO2 emission saving per annum60-70 tons


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