Advanced Laser Welding Systems for Solar Thermal Panel Manufacturing

Solar Thermal Panel Manufacturing

 Solar Thermal Panel Manufacturing ( Solar Thermal Magazine ). – Here is an interesting automated laser welding system for solar thermal collector panels from KUKA.

The manufacture of solar thermal collectors places high demands not only on the process but also on the production sequence, which must be ergonomic and cost-effective. KUKA’s solutions for the production of thermal collectors include laser welding the serpentined tubing onto absorber plates, handling glass, framing, welding or gluing.

Laser Welding Systems for Solar Thermal Panel Manufacturing.

KS Solarthermal Lasertec has been specially developed by KUKA for welding tubes onto the absorber surface of solar-thermal panels. Our 25 years of experience in robot-guided laser welding have resulted in optimum process reliability and maximum system availability and flexibility.

The modular structure of KS Solarthermal Lasertec makes it possible to respond in a highly flexible manner to the workpiece requirements of our customers. Combined in a single cell with our service-proven standard components and workpiece-specific clamping fixtures, it is the optimum solution for an innovative and reliable process. TECHNICAL DATA

  • Welding speed: 200 – 800 mm
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Height/Length/Width: 740 x 765 x 510 mm
  • Tube diameter 8 – 25 mm
  • Laser: pulsed laser

Example of a fully automated manufacturing cell FEATURES

  • Pre-centering and fine centering of the tubes
  • Different tube diameters possible
  • Automatic focal point adjustment for different pulse control
  • Process not dependent on the direction of welding
  • Integrated object extraction
  • Controlled, low-hysteresis contact force
  • Adjusting device for set-up and maintenance work

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