Sustainable Energy For All Forum Underway at United Nations

Sustainable Energy for All Forum

The first annual SUSTAINABLE ENERGY FOR ALL FORUM (June 4th-6th) is currently in progress at the United Nations in New York.  It will assess the results thus far from the billions of dollars in commitments made at Rio+20 towards targets on energy access, efficiency and renewable, and mobilize further action.   The Forum will launch the UN Decade on Sustainable Energy for All with a two-year focus on energy for women and children’s health, build momentum on solutions ahead of the September Climate Summit and contribute to shaping the direction of energy policy for the crucial decades to come.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his Special Representative Kandeh Umkella  have been joined by several Heads of State, over 20 Ministers of energy, development and other relevant portfolios, heads of UN System agencies, development banks and other international organizations, CEOs of private sector partners and leaders from broader civil society, including from the research, innovation and investment communities, as well as women’s and youth groups active on energy issues.  

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY FOR ALL  Partners Making Progress:

  • 83 developing countries have “opted in” and joined the efforts of SE4ALL.  Country action plans are underway in nearly 30 of these.
  • 43 rapid assessments or gap analyses have already been carried out to describe the current energy profile of the partner country and its state of development in relation to energy access, renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • The World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) received $15 million in funding from donors to prepare investment prospectuses to expand energy acces in 10 countries.
  • A City Energy Efficiency Transformation Initiative has been launched, helping 50 cities worldwide to identify and mobilize finance for investment in energy efficiency.
  • Brazil :   “Light for All” programme has recently reached the milestone of 15 million beneficiaries resulting in over 99 per cent of the population having access to electricity.
  • Ethiopia and Energy+ Partnership: 2300 Solar Home systems were installed in 2013;   a target of 20,000 Biogas digesters was initiated;  Cookstoves sold doubled in 2013;  Pilot project to replace diesel generators in rural areas with 40 solar powered and 30 wind powered pump stations.
  • Ghana: A goal for renewable energy to constitute 10 per cent of national power generation by 2020 was set.    They have set a goal to provide universal access to electricity by the year 2020.
  • Nicaragua and the Inter-American Development Bank: National project has electrified 36,300 households in the past year and provided regular electricity access to 12,300 housing settlements with previous informal connections to the grid.
  • The Self Employed Women’s Association, an India-based organization of poor, self-employed women workers, is another SE4All partner with broad reach to many of th epeople at the heart of the challenges and opportunities of providing sustainable energy for all.
  • Student Energy, an organization with 30,000 members in 80 countries, is actively participating in the SE4ALL Forum.


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