Wind Turbines and Solar Panels for Your house?

Wind Turbines and Solar Panels

Wind Turbines and Solar Panels – ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – Disappointed that the only renewable energy choice you have for your home or business is solar panels?  Well, thanks to a California technology company, JLM Energy Inc., you now have a choice of wind, solar or a hybrid system that will allow you to generate power any time the wind is blowing or the sun is shining.  JLM is offering it’s commercial and residential customers the option to install innovative, small wind turbines, that are actually quite aesthetically pleasing.

The  Zefr wind turbine  is designed for the low wind regimes present in most urban and suburban environments. Depending on the annual average wind speed at your location, it could be configured as a three-, five or seven-blade module.  The turbines can be mounted in a variety of ways (roof, parapet or wall) which makes them very adaptable to residential settings.

The company offers the ability to add a sail to each turbine which will increase their efficiency by 20%.  You can also replace the sail with solar panels to build a hybrid system of wind and solar renewable energy.


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