Saving Money on Energy in India with Net Zero Energy Buildings

 Net Zero Energy Buildings – MUMBAIMay 30, 2014. ( Solar Thermal Magazine )

GIBSS, the leader in high performance building systems, has launched a suite of products in the air conditioning and lighting space that can help hypermarts reduce operating costs by up to Rs. 12 per sq ft per month. The geothermal cooling technology and LED lighting systems customized for hypermarts and supermarkets vertical help retail brands reduce operating expenditure by up to 60%. GIBSS is focused on making buildings net zero energy and net zero carbon footprint through its innovative technologies in air conditioning, hot water and lighting.

Ramdas Shenoy, Executive Director – Marketing and Business Excellence said,

GIBSS innovations integrate economic, environmental and social dimensions to support easy adoption. Our endeavour is to make buildings ‘Net Zero Energy’ Supermarkets. The first step towards net zero energy supermarkets is to reduce the demand substantially by up to 60%. The balance requirement can be harvested through supply side solutions. While geothermal innovation reduces carbon footprint substantially and is 100% water efficient, it also reduces electricity bills for air conditioning by up to 60%. Our range of LED lighting customized for the Supermarket segment can save up to Rs. 8-9 per sq ft per month. Both solutions combined can have a substantial impact on the bottom line for Supermarkets.

About GIBSS (Green India Building Systems and Services)

GIBSS, a zero net energy building systems company, helps businesses reduce costs and raise productivity through compelling ‘triple bottom line’ energy efficiency products and solutions in their buildings. With its zero initial investment or Pay from Savings model and performance bank guarantees, GIBSS has made state-of-the-art technologies commercially viable to its clients. GIBSS portfolio of geothermal cooling systems, hot water co-generation systems, lighting and indoor air quality systems reduces operating costs in buildings by 60-80%. It has generated remarkable interest among building owners and operators and is set to become a game changer in the building systems space.

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SOURCE Green India Building Systems and Services (GIBSS)

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