Final Approval Received to Tie Texas Wind Energy Farms to Southeastern U.S.

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Achieving a key milestone in the Southern Cross transmission project, Pattern Energy Group LP (Pattern Development) today announced that the project has obtained final regulatory approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Pattern Development is developing the Southern Cross project to add a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission tie between ERCOT in Texas and the transmission grid deep in the southeastern United States by 2019.

“Southern Cross is an innovative transmission project that will allow Texas to share its abundant low-cost wind energy resources with its neighbor states to the southeast,” said Mike Garland, CEO of Pattern Development. “We appreciate the assistance we’ve received from the many parties in Texas who worked with us on securing this order and are excited to now be able to move forward with this unique project which will create jobs and economic development in TexasLouisiana and Mississippi. The project will share renewable energy resources between states and also provide significant reliability and economic benefits by connecting two robust systems.”

The orders issued by FERC on May 15, 2014 followed a compliance filing earlier this year and are in response to applications initially filed by Pattern Development in September, 2011. The Commission announced four orders: 1) directing the City of Garland, Texas (Garland) to interconnect with Southern Cross; 2) directing Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC (Oncor) and CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC (CenterPoint) to provide transmission service for power flows into and out of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT); 3) approving an associated Offer of Settlement among the parties; and 4) affirming that neither the order nor the Offer of Settlement would cause ERCOT, Oncor, CenterPoint, or any other ERCOT utility or other entity that is not already a public utility to become a “public utility” as that term is defined by section 201 of the Federal Power Act (FPA) and subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission for any purpose other than for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of sections 210 and 211 of the FPA.

A leader in wind energy and transmission, Pattern Development has extensive experience in developing innovative solutions to complex transmission problems. Pattern Development’s team of transmission experts has developed other transmission projects, including the Trans Bay Cable project under San Francisco Bay.  The Trans Bay Cable project is a groundbreaking submarine HVDC transmission line that was completed in 2010 and is presently serving up to 40% of San Francisco’s and the northern peninsula’s peak energy needs.

About Pattern Development
Pattern Energy Group LP (Pattern Development) is a leader in developing renewable energy and transmission assets. Pattern Development operates and manages wind power projects through its affiliated public entity, Pattern Energy Group Inc. (Pattern Energy).

With a long history in wind energy, Pattern Development’s highly-experienced team has developed, financed and placed into operation more than 3,000 MW of wind power projects. A strong commitment to promoting environmental stewardship drives the Company’s dedication in working closely with communities to create premier renewable energy projects. Pattern Development has offices in San FranciscoSan DiegoHoustonNew York, and Toronto.

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