Exploiting the U.K.’s Available 94 Terra Watts per Year of Tidal Energy

Exploitation. – ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – In the United Kingdom, the exploitable resource has been estimated as being sufficient to generate 94 Terra Watt hours per year of electricity in water depths of 40 meters or less. This is equivalent to about one quarter of the  UK’s current annual electricity consumption. CoRMaT is able to operat in even deeper water depths than this, offering the opportunity to considerably increase the UK’s harvestable resource.

The global resource is believed to exceed 600TWh/y.

Nautricity’s second generation tidal device, the CoRMaT contra-rotating tidal generator has been designed from first principles to meet this challenge. CoRMaT has successfully completed its proof of concept testing and has generated electricity at sea. The device is now being deployed at full commercial scale. CoRMaT is a second generation device, the result of extensive research and development carried out at the prestigious Energy Systems Research Unit at the University of Strathclyde.

CoRMaT is a patented contra-rotating turbine, suitable for deployment in water depths of 8 to 500m. CoRMaT uses two closely spaced dissimilar rotors, moving in opposite directions.

A demonstration tidal energy array  of up to 3 MW scale (“the Development”) is planned to be located in the North Channel off the western coast of the Mull of Kintyre, Argyll and Bute, Scotland (“the Development Site”). It was originally proposed that up to 6 of these devices would be deployed at the Development Site subject to the appropriate consents and licences being granted.



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