U.S. Senator Shaheen Blaims Her Energy Efficiency Bill Failure on Election Year Politics

Energy Efficiency Bill Failure

Energy Efficiency Bill ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – May 12, 2014. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) released the following statement on Senate consideration of her bipartisan energy efficiency legislation:

“I’m disappointed the Senate failed to advance my bipartisan plan to create almost 200,000 jobs, reduce pollution and save taxpayers billions. I worked hard with Senator Portman and a countless number of business and environmental interests to craft a smart, pragmatic energy bill because we knew that was in the best interests of our economy and our environment.

People in New Hampshire and across the country lost out today because of election-year politics, but I will continue to fight for Shaheen-Portman because it’s a win-win-win for jobs, clean air and taxpayers.”

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