New Webinar with SolarCity on Net Energy Metering Policy

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Net Energy Metering Policy

  • Group: Advanced Energy Economy: the business voice of advanced energy
  • Subject: New Webinar with SolarCity on Net Energy Metering Policy

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AEE is pleased to announce our fourth educational webinar for 2014, Net Energy Metering: Update on Key Distributed Generation Policy. It will be hosted by AEE Member, SolarCity onMay 20, 2014 at 12pm PT.

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In this webinar, SolarCity will discuss the following key topics:

• Recent state policy developments expanding or restricting net metering
• The costs and benefits of net metering
• The impact of rate design

We also want to hear from you! There is a space to submit any questions you might have for SolarCity or AEE on net metering.

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