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Mission Altran Solar Impulse

Altran has launched “Mission Altran”, a serious game on Facebook designed to enable the public to live the experience of the Altran team which guides the Solar Impulse plane on its missions.

  Just one year before the solar airplane’s round-the-world flight, “Mission Altran”, the Group’s exclusive Facebook game, will enable players to live the Solar Impulse experience as if they were part of Altran’s team of experts operating from the Mission Control Centre (MCC). The MCC is the nerve centre for each flight, in constant and direct contact with the Solar Impulse pilot.

Commenting on “Mission Altran”, Frédéric Fougerat, Group Vice-President Communications, stated: Much more than a serious game, Mission Altran is part of innovation in terms of communication; it promotes the Altran brand, and in particular the Group’s employer image, by sharing the unique expertise of our Innovation Makers[1] with the players.

“Mission Altran” offers players the chance to relive the historical missions of the Solar Impulse, from its maiden flight overSwitzerland in 2010 through to the first leg of the round-the-world tour in 2015. Assisted by the members of the Solar Impulse team, players will be able to trace the plane’s flight path at each stage of the mission, by referring to identical geographical and meteorological data used during the plane’s real flights. The objective of the game is for players to arrive at their destination with a maximum amount of solar energy remaining in the batteries.

The “Mission Altran – The Solar Impulse Experience” game was created by independent integrated digital company Nextedia, working in close collaboration with Altran’s team of experts in charge of flight simulation and modelling for the solar plane.

To find out more about the “Mission Altran – The Solar Impulse Experience” Facebook game, visit:

1. Employees of the Altran Group

Source: Altran Group

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