Test Lab Wins Competitive Bid to Perform Testing of Electric Motor Energy Efficiency

Electric Motor Energy Efficiency

Electric Motor Energy Efficiency testing.

(Raleigh, N.C. – May 5, 2014) Advanced Energy’s Motors and Drives Laboratory was in a competitive bid process and wins as the top motor efficiency test lab to conduct energy use testing of electric motors. Receiving a score of 94.5 out of 100 possible points on CLASP’s evaluation process, Advanced Energy’s Motors and Drive Laboratory will perform verification testing for electric motors nominated by manufacturers for the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Global Efficiency Medal competition.

Advanced Energy will conduct tests in two competition categories:

1. IEC Induction Motor

2. New Technology Motor

“The SEAD Global Efficiency Medal for motors will recognize the most energy efficient motors in the world, which will have great cost and energy savings benefits,” says Stephen Pantano, Senior Director of Global Programs at CLASP.

Electric motors are in everything from small appliances to large industrial equipment, and this competition will allow manufacturers to distinguish themselves as producers of the most energy efficient products.

“We are pleased to be able to provide testing for this competition from our internationally-certified Motors and Drives Test Lab,” says Kitt Butler, Senior Program Manager, Motors & Drives, Advanced Energy.

Our success in motor efficiency testing is due to our longevity, experience, personnel and management processes we employ in our lab every day. Our technical capabilities, lab certifications, how our tests are conducted and the accuracy and calibration of our equipment also play a strong role in our success testing motors and drives.

The SEAD competition will recognize the five most energy-efficient new technology motors and the 10 most energy-efficient IEC and NEMA induction motors in various size categories across four regions: Australia, Europe, India, and North America.

Winners are expected to be announced in September 2014 and honored at a global ceremony in early 2015.

With electric motors converting an estimated 53 percent of all electrical energy generated in the United States alone into mechanical energy, it is critical to focus on improving standards and regulations for energy efficiency. As a group, motors are by far the largest single category of electrical energy use in the world. SEAD’s mission, to transform the global market for efficient equipment and appliances, supported by CLASP’s vision that all products be built for maximum energy efficiency and minimal contribution to global climate change, not only promotes energy efficiency awareness, but drives innovation in products and technologies being produced today.

More Information

For more information on CLASP, visit www.clasponline.org.

Additional information on SEAD can be found by visiting www.superefficient.org.

To learn more about Advanced Energy’s Motors and Drives Laboratory, visit: www.advancedenergy.org/markets/motors-and-drives.

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