Fraunhofer IBP Conducts R&D of Energy Efficient Buildings

R&D of Energy Efficient Buildings

The Department of Heat Technology conducts research and development in the area of energy-efficient buildings and construction for home living and the workplace. Our scientists develop, supervise and evaluate nearly-zero energy, zero-emission and energy-surplus buildings. These developments incorporate all energy-related technologies pertaining to construction, heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and materials-handling technology. In addition, the department creates energy-efficient concepts with a range of applications, from small communities to entire cities.

The researchers elaborate energy-efficient retrofitting concepts for existing buildings and transform them into feasible construction solutions. Furthermore, the department deals with issues in urban climatology, avoiding so-called heat islands within densely developed building topologies, and the adequacy of daylight and fresh air supply in the urban street canyons, as well as street lighting.

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