Coconut Farmers’ Cooperatives Plan Deployment of First Biodiesel BioProcessor™

Cleanergy Resource Corp. is finalizing the arrangements with some selected coconut farmers’ cooperatives in the Philippines for the deployment of its first ever community-based biodiesel processing equipment under the trade mark CRC BioProcessor™.

The company has shortlisted some coconut farmers’ cooperatives to be the recipient of these containerized biodiesel processing equipments. The preparation and selection of the beneficiaries is a joint effort with a non-government organization and some Philippine government agencies who are directly involved with the coconut farmers.

The preparation includes assisting the farmers’ cooperatives with a financial institution to guarantee the repayment of the loan, arranging biodiesel supply agreement with traders and consumers, values formation, core competency, equipment maintenance and trouble shooting trainings.

The selection and preparation will at least take three months in time with the expected delivery of the first CRC BioProcessor™ before the end of 2011.

Wilfredo B. Leano, the President of CRC and Director for the Philippine Project says “this is an historic phase for CRC and the biodiesel industry in the Philippines since the biodiesel production will be the first community-based production for a global commodity”.

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Cleanergy Resource Corp. (CRC), a Richmond, BC (Canada) based company is listed  with Frankfurt stock Exchange (FSE) – First Quotation Board (FQB). CRC is a social corporation devoted in developing local economy through its unique approach using renewable and alternative fuels as its vehicle. It has conceptualized a practical plan for the establishment of community-based biodiesel production with its uniquely designed self-contained, portable community-based biodiesel production equipment using its CRC BioProcessor™. The community-based production equipment is scalable to meet local market requirement as well as for world market.

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